Create your own deed poll

Warning: This deed poll generator is only suitable for British citizens or Commonwealth citizens over the age of 18 years.
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You can choose to have your deed poll enrolled in the Royal Courts of Justice if you wish. If you answer “no” you will not be able to enrol your deed poll.

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How to change your name in the U.K.

  1. Fill in this form
  2. If you want to enrol your deed poll you need to answer “yes” for the question “Do you want the deed poll to be suitable for enrolment?”
  3. Download your deed poll and print it out
  4. Sign the the deed poll in both your old and new names in the presence of your witness(es)
  5. Have your witness(es) sign the deed poll in your presence
  6. Inform everyone about your new name

Who can be your witness

You need to choose someone who:

  • knows who you are
  • is resident in the U.K.
  • is not a relative or your partner
  • has not been detained under the Mental Health Act

Frequently asked questions

Do I enter my title (Mr, Mrs, Miss, etc.)?

No—your title is not part of your name.

What name can I call myself

There is no law about what names you can or cannot call yourself, so you can call yourself anything you like, provided it is not for a criminal purpose. For more detailed advice see: restricions on names.