I’ve signed my deed poll—what next?

You need to inform all organisations that hold records for you that you’ve changed your name. Most of them will want to see your original deed poll and a simple covering letter from you explaining that you’ve changed your name for all purposes.

Who you need to inform

It’s illegal to change your name with the intention of avoiding an obligation or debt. Therefore it’s important that you tell everybody about your new name.

This is a suggested list:

Enrolling your deed poll

If you want to enrol your deed poll then you’ll need to follow the instructions in leaflet LOC019. If you want to enrol your deed poll, you must generate a deed poll suitable for enrolment (by answering “yes” to the question “Do you want the deed poll to be suitable for enrolment?”).

Note that it is not a legal requirement to enrol your deed poll, and doing so will not affect the legal status of your name in any way. Government bodies such as HM Passport Office do not require you to enrol your deed poll.